Creative Medway

It’s been a busy couple of months in Medway, lots of creative events, and lots of lovely creative people.

At coFWD [a co-working space / community for creatives at 161 Rochester High St]…

Blogging Workshop – with Jaye Nolan. An attempt to increase my knowledge of how to use blogging sites. I’ve now added a tab on my blog to link to my  portfolio page

Rosie Melville portfolio page

Bloggle – a blogging social. A casual meet up of local bloggers at coFWD. A wonderfully eclectic mix of creatives. It was really interesting to hear what everyone writes about; their interests, inspirations, aspirations etc. I met Malekmontag, Jaye and Phil who organise Rochester Literature Festival, amongst many others.

Tuttle 101 – the 1st Monday of each month, held at the Deaf Cat in Rochester. Tuttle 101 is a very casual meeting of like-minded people, getting together to share ideas and to connect – new people always welcome!

LegoFWD – a fun event for so-called adults to play with Lego, no agenda, just fun and imagination!




Before Christmas I was contacted by Collage magazine to ask if they could do a showcase of my work in their next issue.

Collage magazine is a relatively new, and free, online magazine published quarterly. It focuses on Art, Politics, Culture, and Gender. It’s intelligent, thought provoking and outspoken.

Collage Magazine spread


Why am I blogging? I haven’t written much yet. I’m definitely not a writer. I struggle, to be honest. I’m dyslexic. It feels very strange and rather exposing to write in public, even more so to write about my work and myself. But I want to think out loud, I want to document and to reflect.

I always thought I’d be sorted by now, but I realise that many people go their whole lives without getting sorted. In that regard I feel lucky to have been brave / stupid enough to have taken a change in direction, even if it does feel like I’m about to leap into the abyss some days.

In reality, it’s actually not a radical change. It’s always been there: that burning desire to make. It’s either in you or it’s not. It just depends what gets in the way.

For me, 2012 has been a bad year. But I think life has to jump up and slap you in the face sometimes before you realise something needs to change. So I’m picking myself up and putting my life back together again, hopefully in the way I want it to be this time.

Get on with it, Melville!

Well, the idea was to update my blog with all the lovely things I’ve been making and doing, but it seems that I’m becoming a professional procrastinator instead! With a lot of rubbish going on this summer, it’s been difficult to keep my head in the right place, feet on the ground, and to just enjoy what I enjoy.

Excuses aside, I’m starting back at college in a couple of weeks, so now’s the time to get on with it! I’ve had some vague ideas floating around my head for a while, so lets head towards those.

Starting as I mean to go on, I’m going to my first Tuttle101 meeting Monday morning at The Deaf Cat in Rochester. A meeting of creatives, which seems like it should be a very positive step forward:

Networking Vs Making Friends – By Natasha Steer


Hello! My name is Rosie Melville and I am a visual artist from Rochester, in Kent.

A couple of years ago I got made redundant and decided to do what I have always wanted, and went back to college to do Fine Art. I’m also selling my work through a local gallery – I’ve got some sculpture, limited edition prints and greetings cards at the moment.

I love making sculpture by combining found materials with more traditional materials, as well as drawing in a whole variety of media.

I’m just coming up to my last year at college, after which I’ll be investigating more ways to sell my work, and hopefully be making a lot more of it!

Please feel free to contact me, leave a comment or some feedback.