Cabinet of Curiosities at Maidstone Museum


For the past few months I’ve been working on a site specific project at college, in collaboration with Maidstone Museum. In response to the museum’s collections, we have created pieces to form a cabinet of curiosities.

My piece is called Restrained Order.

After viewing the museum’s collections I was intrigued by the experiences and treatment of mental health patients, in particular The Register of Mechanical Restraint and Seclusion from the Kent County Asylum.

The concept of curiosity and the mental health connotations of collecting and categorising objects has led me to create my own cabinet of curiosity. The display case challenges why people with mental health issues continue to be stereotyped and ‘put into a box’. It is left to the audience how the items in the collection are perceived.

Please take a look at our online catalogue for some fantastic photos of our work, courtesy of Nadia Needham from K College.

The exhibition will be open from Wednesday 5th March until the end of April 2014

Maidstone Museum is housed in a charming Elizabethan Manor House, in the centre of Maidstone – Kent’s County Town. Each gallery will fascinate and surprise; with a wealth of exhibits and objects to see and enjoy.

Entry to the museum and exhibition is free.



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