Creative Medway

It’s been a busy couple of months in Medway, lots of creative events, and lots of lovely creative people.

At coFWD [a co-working space / community for creatives at 161 Rochester High St]…

Blogging Workshop – with Jaye Nolan. An attempt to increase my knowledge of how to use blogging sites. I’ve now added a tab on my blog to link to my  portfolio page

Rosie Melville portfolio page

Bloggle – a blogging social. A casual meet up of local bloggers at coFWD. A wonderfully eclectic mix of creatives. It was really interesting to hear what everyone writes about; their interests, inspirations, aspirations etc. I met Malekmontag, Jaye and Phil who organise Rochester Literature Festival, amongst many others.

Tuttle 101 – the 1st Monday of each month, held at the Deaf Cat in Rochester. Tuttle 101 is a very casual meeting of like-minded people, getting together to share ideas and to connect – new people always welcome!

LegoFWD – a fun event for so-called adults to play with Lego, no agenda, just fun and imagination!



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