Hello! My name is Rosie Melville and I am a visual artist from Rochester, in Kent.

A couple of years ago I got made redundant and decided to do what I have always wanted, and went back to college to do Fine Art. I’m also selling my work through a local gallery – I’ve got some sculpture, limited edition prints and greetings cards at the moment.

I love making sculpture by combining found materials with more traditional materials, as well as drawing in a whole variety of media.

I’m just coming up to my last year at college, after which I’ll be investigating more ways to sell my work, and hopefully be making a lot more of it!

Please feel free to contact me, leave a comment or some feedback.


8 thoughts on “Hello!

    1. Hi there, well thanks for following mine! I don’t have any exhibitions coming up at the moment but I do have a few pieces in the Nucleus Gallery Shop locally (in Rochester, Kent). I should be doing a little experimenting in the next couple of months before I go back to college, and hopefully updating my blog as I go along!


      1. It was just this: the Creatives Night Club@161 Rochester High Street, Kent, Me1 1EH
        “A unique night of creativity, art and invention. Have you been meaning to start , continue or finish THAT idea, THAT piece of work…and just never got round to it? Well…there are quite a few others in the same boat. So we are all going to get together and work together to inspire and help one another.

        We are aiming for this to be a fun, relaxed and social evening and will be providing lots of lovely cake 🙂

        We will aptly be working in a space called “The Canvas” but if you need quiet space to work in…”


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